Thing 23 – Final Thing

I was so excited when I have published my first blog on WordPress for the 23 Things course that I was telling everyone about it at work. I have learned so much on 23 Things – what an interesting journey! I definitely recommend it to other students from the University of Surrey who are interested. […]

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Thing 21 and 22

Looking at *Research website, I remembered the time when I was looking for funding to start my PhD. I did not know where to look, where to start or who shall I ask for funding and it took me one year until I found a sponsor for my PhD. Currently, I am fully funded, and […]

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Thing 18, 19 and 20

I am using Google Hangout App on the daily basis to communicate and exchange pictures and documents with my family and friends. I have downloaded the hangout App on my iPhone, iPad and my laptop. I have never tried it on my desktop PC though. In the past, I have also used Skype to chat […]

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Thing 14, 15, 16, and 17

For this week’s posts I have to check the Surrey Research Insight (SRI) Open Access (OA) database for my publications. Unfortunately I will not be able to look for my publications as I haven’t published yet, but when I will do I will definitely use OA from Surrey University. In my opinion, I think it […]

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Thing 12 and 13

Making and sharing media: sharing research online I always preferred to watch lectures, how-to materials or tutorials on a video or screencast rather than reading about the topic. When searching on Google, it has become a common practice for me to look first for videos before I start looking at the written content on the […]

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Thing 9, 10 and 11

  Thing 9 – Exploring Wikipedia I remember when I was doing my MSc one professor advised us not to cite Wikipedia in our work. He told us that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for academia because anyone can alter and edit its content so, it cannot be trusted. I am using Wikipedia almost […]

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